Our expertise

Based on the research activity for which Carles & Associates has been credited for the Credit Impôt Recherche (Tax Credit for Research), several fields of expertise are covered by Agriculture Strategies :

  • Following and evaluating agricultural and food policies around the world
  • The economic organization of agricultural sectors and the governance of cooperatives
  • Competition law applied to the food industries
  • Price formation mechanisms and value-added sharing
  • The interests and limits of private risk management tools in agriculture including financial markets
  • Multilateralism and international cooperation
  • Geostrategy and food security
  • Agricultural land markets’ regulations and generational renewal
  • Bioeconomy and renewable energies
  • Protection of the environment and biodiversity
  • Fighting and adapting to climate change
  • Opportunities of development and impact of Big Data and blockchain
  • New distribution channels and consumer relations

Agriculture Strategies will be a combination of skills and expertise aimed at bringing tangible solutions and spreading widely innovative ideas.
This function is essential to enhanced the renewal of expertise and accompanying change against positions that are too often embedded with ideologies and preconceived opinions.
Agriculture Strategies’ positioning allows it to take action in : processes of public decision-making through its expertise and the use of influence levers, but also as councilors to actors from the private world in their strategic and economic decisions.

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