Agriculture Strategies: Creation of a platform of committed expertise

Press release:

Agricultural crises, crises of confidence, worries about the future of the CAP, overhaul of multilateralism, the challenges are great.

However, 2019 is an important year in terms of deadlines : elections to the Chambers of Agriculture, the elections of the European Parliament and the renewal of the Commission, with the prospect of a real in-depth reform of the CAP.

But the record of the past twenty years in agricultural policy reveals errors of expertise all the more serious as they still mark too much public decisions and those of professional organizations.

This is why Carles and Associates, which has worked closely with MOMAGRI, is launching a committed expertise platform “AGRICULTURE STRATEGIES” which extends this work.

MOMAGRI has produced analyzes, built an economic model and indicators that have rightly alerted on many topics such as: the impact of unregulated liberalization of international agricultural trade, the strengthening of agricultural policies in the world, the strategic stalemate in the decoupling of aid for Europe, the limits of insurance and mutual funds … An important capital of knowledge and proposals has thus been created thanks to the involvement of cooperatives and economic actors.

Driven by the same values, AGRICULTURE STRATEGIES aims to expand the commitment of all stakeholders who wish to think and act for the future of agriculture and agri-food. But also fight against the defeatism and misinformation that affect the image.

Four pillars structure this platform: “Studies and Applied Research”, “Reflection and Design of Change Strategies”, “Influence and Public Representation”, “Initial and Continuing Education”.

An independent Strategic Orientation Committee, bringing together personalities from different backgrounds, will help define the forward-looking vision of AGRICULTURE STRATEGIES.

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